Advisor to British Prime Minister to “Almowaten”: Mohammed bin Salman is the key of British investors entry to Saudi Arabia
He stressed that internal reforms open the horizons of the economy in the Kingdom and make it more attractive

Advisor to British Prime Minister to “Almowaten”: Mohammed bin Salman is the key of British investors entry to Saudi Arabia

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Almowaten - Ruqaya Al-Ahmad

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s adviser Philip May said, in a statement to “almowaten” Saudi newspaper, that the British government is counting on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s visit to London to find deeper trade relations outside the European Union.

Mohammed Bin Salman presents Vision 2030 to the world

“Prince Mohammed bin Salman has a special Saudi dimension in his agenda, as he will surely present the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to the wider world, starting from London,” said Philip May, His first foreign tour as crown prince, is in itself an addition to the historical dimension of relations between Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom”.

“Prince Mohammed bin Salman comes with a message that Saudi Arabia wants to separate itself from its dependence on oil and gas and welcomes companies that have the investment cash and expertise to do it,” said May, a British prime minister’s advisor and at the same time her husband.

British exporters seek a foothold in the kingdom

“It is important for Britain, whose exit strategy is partly EU, to establish deeper trade relations outside the EU, which is provided by Saudi Arabia, which is a large and rich market, which British exporters need to benefit from, and tens of thousands Of British jobs, depends on trade with Saudi Arabia, which is Mohammed bin Salman the key to him”.

“The Crown Prince is using this visit to sign the long-awaited deal for a second aircraft of the cyclone, or to be the first to decide on the launch of Saudi Aramco, the largest company in the world,” Philip May said. Some measures, preparing to be London host to this proposition, and from those steps to modify the rules of the capital market has.

Mohammed bin Salman in a hurry

“The Crown Prince seems to us to be a man in a hurry, which is in line with rapid developments, especially in the field of trade and investment, which is very much needed by Britain,” he said. “The focus in Saudi Arabia is now on education. And health care, technology and entertainment, which brought Prince Mohammed in which a lot of reforms that surprised us the speed of advertising and implementation”.

Mohammed bin Salman’s internal reforms reflect prospects for economic prospects

“In Saudi Arabia, allowing women to drive is a qualitative leap in Saudi society, and at the same time a new market for car dealers,” he said. “Saudi young people who want to establish the number of businesses in the cultural and entertainment industries has increased in recent years, which confirms that the movement of the community can be invested economically to achieve the objectives of the vision of Saudi Arabia 2030”.

“Opportunities in Saudi Arabia are good for anyone looking to invest in partnerships, which will create a local presence, employ Saudis, share technology and increase local content. We look forward to winning part of the project, for example, Such as entertainment and the film industry”.

“Saudi Arabia is the seventh largest market for services exports in Britain, more important than Japan or Belgium,” he said. “The reforms undertaken by the Crown Prince in Saudi Arabia, has softened bureaucratic restrictions, making the Saudi market more attractive to our investors, making the Kingdom a strong potential source of business”.

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